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Chris Edmonds

 An iconic Atlanta figure in the 1980's and early nineties, Chris was the singer and songwriter for The Swinging Richards, a famous Atlanta band known for its' songs, live performances, and out of control lifestyle. After the Richard's, Edmonds formed Caesar Speaks - they enjoyed quick success, and Edmonds' songs were gaining exposure. Local and national groups were covering Edmonds' songs and a couple even ended up on a movie soundtrack. After Caesar Speaks, Edmonds performed solo for a while before quitting the stage. He has been rarely seen since. In fact, he has never quit writing, he just quit letting us listen. Until now...


UPDATE - spring 2015 - Chris is performing these days with the band and is recording at Harmonic Labs in Nashville. Special thanks to Rick Chapman. And here's a studio outtake from the March sessions....."If Only I Could" -  written & performed by Chris Edmonds


Just for fun - covering "Stepping Stone"

Center Stage, Atlanta. 10-8-11

The Swinging Richards



"Look At You Now"  (Chris Edmonds)

Live on USA Hot Spots - 1983

The Swinging Richards


"Mommy's Got A Boyfriend" (Chris Edmonds)

Steve's Live Music, Atlanta. 11-22-14

Chris Edmonds and the band


"There's A Place For Us"  (Chris Edmonds)

 Atlanta - 1984

The Swinging Richards



Chris Edmonds Music

Atlanta, GA     -      Nashville, TN


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